Renata Salecl: Our unhealthy obsession with choice
Choices are quintessential in the daily lives of humans because the choices made determines a fate, at least for that day. It is inevitable for humans to make a choice and the important message here is that we should embrace making choices instead of pushing this responsibility to someone else. Take for example, how often students have shrugged off the choice of their careers to their parents. Especially so in a country like Singapore where the belief in authority is so strong and respect for elders even more so. The problem in this mindset is that respect does not equate to loss of choice. Respect is showing regard and consideration for a person. Hence, this would mean that one can take into account what is said by his elders but that does not and should not be the final decision of the individual, at least not without personal deliberation first.
Singapore is a democratic country where every individual should have the right to choose as that is the basic principle of democracy. Hence, it should never be a case where one feels deprived of a choice entirely.
A choice cannot always be right, but it can always be yours, if you just push hard enough for it.