It saddens me that Malaysia Airlines is hit again with yet another tragedy. It is very upsetting to know that innocent countries are caught in the crossfires of countries at war. This is definitely a violation of human rights.

However, although Malaysia is clearly a victim of this, I would think that Malaysians should be careful of what they sat regarding this matter. From the article ‘ “Of course there is anger. Why must this happen only to us (in) Malaysia? I really feel like beating that Russian, Vladimir Putin,” said Mohamad Shidee Mohamad Ghazali, 28, a welder with the state utility company Tenaga Nasional.’. Such comments would only further fan the flames of this conflict. In my opinion, Malaysia is at the mercy of Russia and Ukraine.  The blackboxes containing all the evidence is in either Russia or Ukraine’s hands. Furthermore, Malaysia has to cooperate with Russia and Ukraine to carry out investigations.

It is only natural for Malaysia and the victims’ family to be in grief and to feel indignant. However, they must know that if Russia or Ukraine has the audacity to commit such a crime. They may not cooperate in investigations (like tamper evidence) and Malaysia definitely has a very large challenge in front of them.