I definitely support Pink Dot and the ‘Freedom to Love’ notion. I feel that as human beings we all have the equal right to love whoever we want, regardless of race, gender and religion.
‘The day we turn gay is the day you turn straight’ — this quote struck a chord with me. Sexual orientation is not a choice. Just like what is said in the video, people are ‘born this way’. To the people with a different sexual orientation from us, it would seem natural to them to love someone the same gender as them, just like it is natural for us to love someone of the opposite gender. We should not restrict anyone’s freedom to love, just because they are viewed as ‘unnatural’ by mainstream society.
In Singapore’s context, I feel that the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual) community deserves more recognition. It is not only until in recent years that the Pink Dot movement has received public and media attention. However, this Pink Dot movement has met with resistance, which is the ‘WearWhite’ movement, symbolizing that Singapore should not accept LGBT at all. In a rather religiously-stauch society like Singapore, I am not surprised that the ‘WearWhite’ movement has come into existence. However, this does not necessarily mean that LGBT will absolutely not be accepted in Singapore—after all Pink Dot is a rather recent concept.
Although it seems far away, I hope that society will readily accept LGBT, and perhaps, even legalise gay marriage in Singapore.


Hello everyone, I was exploring Youtube the other day and I came across this video. I found it really interesting and as it cleared all my doubts about what the Pink Dot was all about. Initially, I assumed that the Pink Dot was a movement aimed at gay rights. However, I realised that the people involved in the Pink Dot just want to be accepted by Society and not looked upon by others as abnormal or different. At the end of the day, we all bleed red. 


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