In the Singaporean education system, docility is strongly encouraged in order to create loyal, obedient citizens who will obey their overlords. While being a splendid decision by the PAP in grounding Singapore as a sovereign nation not to be trifled with, its ill effects in the long term have yet to be addressed. With the government’s sheer decadence seen through the idea that granting themselves absurd salaries would prevent corruption being accepted as logical by the public, it shows how the people lack the ability to think for themselves or look between the lies. The author has a good point in countering this: the most primitive among Singaporeans would oppose the Government in its totality, but it would be just as irrational as legalizing corruption. While we should oppose this aspect (it has led to the relentless import of foreign beings who are granted citizenship like advertising flyers in order to keep themselves in power) there is no reason to view the government as a totalitarian dystopia  dreamed of by George Orwell. To be a truly responsible Singaporean is to ensure Singapore has a future for its own children rather than being a tool for migrants.  The most ideal way to do so is for Singaporeans to take every statement from political factions with salt, rather than thoroughly supporting or decrying a faction. To rely on a strong leader to lead the people would bring us back to the darkest days of humanity when tyrants led their people to their deaths, such as the Medieval practice of men dying in droves for the wishes of a King or the rise of Facism ushering in the Second World War.