Chernobyl_ Capping a Catastrophe – NYTimes

In light of how we’re concentrating on the theme of Environment and Sustainability, I thought it would be apt to introduce this article that I read on New York Times. Capping a Catastrophe is an appropriate title for this article and it talks about the efforts of cleaning up the area that was affected by the explosion at a nuclear plant. What is interesting is how the efforts to clean up Unit 4 is how the building of the structure, the lives of people dependant on it is inextricably related to the political turmoil surrounding the countries helping to fund the efforts of this project. What I can hope is that the political turmoil would not result in the suspension or delay in the building of the structure because the reality is that time elapses for too long, radiation may seep into groundwater thus endangering the water supply for the three million people of Kiev.