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This lesson is meant to build up an additional resource (or rather two similar resources) that will hopefully help in the longer term. As the name suggests, the idea is relatively simple: to collate examples that can be used for writing, or more generally, to broaden your view on each issue/topic.

The two Google spreadsheets to be used for this are similar, with one being a straightforward list of examples, and the other being specific to Singapore. (This second one will be particularly useful with regard to AQs).

Example-building: general

Example-building: Singapore

To reiterate, this is meant to be something for the longer term; as such, we will revisit this from time to time, and it is something that can accumulate over time to become increasingly useful. Note that it is not at all meant to replace the blog posts/comments, but is complementary: the blog emphasises more in-depth responses, while these Google documents are meant to be a list of resources. The primary focus will still be on the blog, with these spreadsheets being primarily used for simply collating examples, and for quick revision.


The lesson for today will proceed along 2 parts:

1. [30 mins] In small groups of 3 (with 1 computer to each group), conduct research on your assigned topic, filling in the information accordingly in the respective sections of the Google spreadsheets. Note that the point is not to copy and paste the resources (just the links), but rather to briefly describe the idea(s) or information. You can start with either an idea you already have or a link

The 8 topics to be worked on are the four topics for JC1: Education, Environment, Politics, and Economics, for both general and Singapore-based examples. Each group should be working on a different section.

2. [10-15 mins] Each group to is to pick one link/idea that they think most interesting/useful, and one representative from each group should post a response to/summary of that link/idea as a comment to this post. Again, this should be an actual response or thought, not a copy-and-paste job.

If there is still extra time left over, you can either continue adding to the database (including other sections), or look to post comments on other posts in the blog.