A reminder and notice for tomorrow’s lesson (which the last four articles have been directed towards).

The question to be discussed is whether Singapore’s system of streaming in education is a good or fair one. (Notice that the two are different questions — you could agree with one but not the other.)

The groupings for this first discussion tomorrow will be based on your class index numbers:

Group 1: Lynn, Judy, Tsaqif, Zhengyi
Group 2: Melissa, Zoey, Darren, Edwin
Group 3: Chloe. Debbie, Hui Jun, Zi Liang
Group 4: Desiree, Yu Kun, Elijah, Qin-Liang
Group 5: Jia Hui, Nadia, Elson, Shane
Group 6: Valerie, Laili, Hubert, Daniel

We will generally default to groups of 4 for these discussion lessons.