Welcome to the GP class blog for 1AD4.

This will act as a replacement for your example file/book, so do note from the start that regular activity is the expectation here.

What this will specifically consist of is:

  1. Each week – 3 comments on posts. These should be paragraph-level.
  2. Each month – 1 full post. This will either be links to online articles with commentary, or a critical evaluation/response to ideas. More details on this will be provided in a later post.

To be fair to all, this requirement will be relaxed at busier times. Note though that the point is for you to read critically on a regular basis, so avoid ‘owing’ comments and posts over the weeks.

Do note that a large part of the point of an online format is the collaborative or community aspect, so do respond to each other’s posts and comments as much as possible. Basic rules apply:

  • Maintain civility and politeness at all times.
  • Discuss the argument, not the person behind the argument (unless you are specifically asking about opinion). If you disagree with an idea or argument, don’t make the criticism personal; similarly, if your argument is criticised, don’t take it personally.
  • Write in proper English. Maintain correct grammar, spelling, punctuation, and expression. Avoid SMS shortcuts like ‘u’.

For those of you that still prefer hard copies, you are free to submit your work in the format of an example book instead (i.e. cutouts or photocopies of articles pasted in an A4 exercise book). The requirement for this will be 3 articles per week, with commentary. Do of course feel free to read this blog and place your comments here as well.