Lesson for 30 Feb – Society and Family package review


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For today’s lesson, as previously mentioned, we will look at the GP package for Society and Family.

Everyone should start by browsing through the essential questions and essay questions, followed by the mind maps and then the cultural literacy. This does not need to be in-depth, but should at least be thorough enough to get an idea of what the package covers. This will take 10 minutes.

Following that, each of you should focus more in-depth on either some part of the above sections, or go straight into the main articles. (You are free to, for example, respond to a quote or essay question with a paragraph-length response or even essay outline if you wish.) Use the form below to submit your detailed responses:


Focus as far as possible on in-depth responses, but do not take more than 20 minutes for each response. (You can quickly respond to something that catches your interest without a full response, but this should take no more than a few minutes.) To promote a breadth of coverage, you should be working on a different section for each submission; I may directly allocate articles to individuals if some are being ignored.

Note that any of these can be used to add to your example book. Following this, tomorrow’s lesson will be set aside as a reading session. Bring your respective magazines to class to read.